Sunday, March 25, 2012

Friday, February 18, 2011

March anyone???

where has this month gone? i feel like I lost the month of January and February. We have had a crap load of snow and now I am ready for March..Randall has been working on the house downstairs and hopefully this weekend we will get some painting done. I want it to be more kid friendly down there. The grand kids think there is a ghost down there. I told them his name is harry and he is my brain is trying to start working with paint colors and something???? I do have to say we had a wonderful Christmas in Arizona with everyone. I miss the kids and the grand kids so much. I have been doing a project on scrap booking and trying to use my new cricut. So that's about all for me... Hope everyone is HAPPY!! Love you all MOM

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

this gobble day

We have so much to be Thankful For. Count your Blessings, Name them one by one count your many blessings see what God has done.As we finish this beautiful month we need to remember the blessings that we have been given. Just to name a few{I know I have done this before}.I am so blessed to have a wonderful family who care so much about me.Beautiful grandchildren who I miss so much. I have been blessed so much.A husband who gives all he has to me. As we know as a family life is short so live ,love ,and be happy. I am Thankful for Jesus Christ and all he did for me that I will be able to see my sweet family again in the next life.I love all of you. Be Thankful ....Love mom

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gobble,Gobble, Gobble....

Today as I marked off the calender today's date I realized boy October went fast.And here we go already the second of November. We have started out with some beautiful weather. The night's a little cold but not bad. This is the month that we think about what we are thankful for,and I have so many. As a Family we have been blessed so much. Each one of us has had our trials and have had to overcome them,but they seem like a very little thing compared to others.I hope that as a Family we can Thank our Father in Heaven for the things we have and be mindful of them daily.
Do not let this month get away without thinking and doing something for someone who need's our help and love. I Love each one of you and are so Happy to see you be Happy.

Love Mom
P.S. Happy Birthday to Brynley, Aunt Brenda, and Samantha Andersen

Thursday, October 21, 2010

October Fun... Boo

Well here came October and here it goes. The days seem to go by so fast. The colors of fall are just beautiful and I have loved to see the changing of the colors. I love this time of year and so many memories flood my mind of going to get wood and seeing elk and just being on the mountain with our family.What wonderful time they were and we felt like the days were never going to end. The smell of the power saw cutting the wood, the loading of the truck, and unloading and stacking the wood for the winter months. The First fire burning and watching it crackle and pop in the dark room. Oh how I wish my grand kids could experience these special moments. Some Saturdays we wished we could just forget about hauling wood but as we got on the mountain the fun times started. We tried to make it a fun day with our kids. I hope each one of you will make a memory with your children this beautiful October. Don't let this month go by without seeing the beautiful colors and thank your Heavenly Father for all you beautiful Blessings. I thank him daily for all of you! I love you Mom

Sunday, September 26, 2010


today was the best day. Iam sitting writing this waiting for Randall to come home from doing his H.T. and thinking about the wonderful day's we have had. Yesterday we went to the old roller rink in Logan to view the display of Christ that came from Mesa Az. It was called "The Reflections Of Christ " and it was just beautiful. It has made me really think about Christ and all he has given us. Today the lessons were about loving one another and not judging. To do more service and to show love. This week has been extremely hard for me. I still want to be the mom and know everything that is going on in each one of my children life's. Isn't that what I am suppose to do?? But yesterday i realized that maybe it's time for me too step back and let Christ help out. So through praying, loving, and not judging maybe I can become a more Christ like person and keep working to have a eternal family. I Love each one of you! Mom

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Dad

Today would have been my dad's birthday. I have so many memories of him. He was a good kind man even if he didn't want to show that side much. I remember him teaching me to drive on the big lake road. That was scary for me but for him with a few beer's he was good.He taught me to ride and take care of horses.Sometimes Hal and Steven didn't like that because I always got to go. When I was little and we lived in Marana he had a plane and I even got to fly with him. I was spoiled and I knew how to get what I wanted from him. He was a good provider for us and we never wanted for anything. He had a hard time telling everyone that he loved them but I think we all knew.He was always so generous. Even if I had a hard time telling him...I loved him tooo. Have a good week. love you all Mom